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Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Gear Set (FSBO)

Category: Camping & Survival


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This listing is for a lot of outdoor equipment. The price is for everything, including a tote to carry it home in. Below is a list of what's included:

A couple of backpacks. (1 for hiking, 1 can hold a water bladder) and a small army surplus belt pack.
Backpack replacement clips
Camo slide belt
Battery powered lantern
Battery powered handheld radio AM/FM
1 base for a standard camping propane tank - for a stove, heater, or lantern, etc.
Battery alarm clock
2 wind up alarm clocks
Coleman single burner camp stove, liquid fueled
2 percolators
Cheap tin cook set and utensils
Large tarp (around 20'x20')
a few tent stakes, both metal and plastic
1 small container of tent repair waterproofing
4 knives: 1 schrade, 2 old timers (1 folding pocket knife), and 1 generic with a compass on the handle
3 Zippo lighters (plain stainless, Smith & Wesson collector's, and 70's Starsky & Hutch)
Zippo fluid and extra flints
Grill lighter fluid
Waterproof matches
20 Gallon Storage tote that holds everything

If interested, please email or text (843) 882-5422

State SC, Zip 29402, Posted on Monday, Sep 08 2014, 08:41 AM CST

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