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Mighty Armory Depriming- Decapping Die And Swaging Die Lg And Sm. Die Set For Both Tasks. (FSBD)

Category: Reloading Supplies


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Our Dies are innovative and made in the USA. They are hands on, No tools needed to install or use on your press. For Swaging use either a turret or single stage press. The De-priming Die will work on any press including progressives.
We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our Rod and Pin Rod are 4140 hardened steel and twice the thickness of our competitors with a far better pin design allowing you to De-prime 9mm-308. Our Long Rifle Die will follow soon. 30-06 and up. These Dies have been tested under extreme conditions and our rods have proven to be near impossible to break or bend. Tested 30,000 times with zero failures! Zero!
It takes less than 30 seconds to swap rods out, again, No tools required. Just remove the cap, push out the rod you were using from the bottom up and drop in the other rod, Put the cap back on snug and go for it. You do not have to remove the die body from the press.
We have Die designs coming soon for Re-sizing, Bullet Seating, Final Crimps and a 50 BMG Die for De-Priming and Swaging. We believe we have the Best Die designs the world.
De-Priming Die. $49.95
Swaging Die. $64.95
De-Priming & Swaging Die set. $74.95

State TX, Zip 2920, Posted on Sunday, May 07 2017, 11:32 AM CST

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