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38 & 357 Reloading Components For Sale Or Trade (FSOT)

Category: Reloading Supplies


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Just getting back into reloading and have some 38spcl and 357 items I am looking to trade off for some 45acp stuff. I am looking for both brass with small pistol primers and RN bullets. message me with trade offers and questions. Will sell all for $100 shipped.
What I have to trade is the following:
500 Dardas 38cal RNFPBB 158gr .358
1000 38cal 147gr TC
100 primed 38spcl starline brass (new)
27 primed .357mag R-P
.357 once fired brass as follows (all deprimed) 265 total
50 Winchester
86 R-P
41 starline
36 blazer
52 mixed stamp
38spcl once fired brass as follows (all deprimed) 363 total
60 Federal
127 Starline
42 Winchester
47 Blazer
27 R-P
60 mixed head stamps
50 Federal with spent primers
There is more brass. I keep finding some.  

State CT, Zip 6053, Posted on Tuesday, Jan 10 2017, 02:52 PM CST

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