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Pelican 1700 Tactical Rifle Case (FSBO)


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For sale is a Pelican Model 1700 tactical rifle case that, outside of a little dust, would be hard to tell from a new one. Firearm is long gone so I no longer have need for it. The bonus here is that it comes with a brand new "Pick n Pluck" interior foam insert so you can customize it to your particular need. There's plenty of detail on the Pelican website but I suspect that if you're looking here you know what this is. You can buy this case on Amazon (without the Pick n Pluck) for $185 plus tax or you can have this one for less with the customizable foam without the wait. In any case, it's a deal. Cash only for local pickup. No trades, checks, PayPal, shipping, money orders etc. If this ad is visible it's still available. I'm in Summerlin off 215 and Lake Mead. PRICE IS FIRM. Thanks for looking. 63 oh 22 oh 3984  

State NV, Zip 89135, Posted on Monday, Oct 05 2015, 01:06 PM CST

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