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Target Kit: How To Make A One Stop Shot (includes Paper Targets & Free Shipping) (FSBO)

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Includes Targets & Free Shipping

If you are an intermediate or advanced shooter, this step-by-step One Stop Shot (OSS) training guide is for you. Circle The Wagons Training in Arizona developed the One Stop Shot Guide for its concierge handgun class on how to target and hit the three Central Nervous System (CNS) zones with a lethal One Shot Stop!

Your ONE STOP SHOT package includes:
* A comprehensive CNS-OSS Targeting Instruction Guide on how to recognize the three CNS zones plus step-by-step instructions for target practice and drills to master the One Stop Shot.
* Six 24” by 18” free targets and black spotters specially designed to teach you how the One Stop Shot can respond to three kinds of real world armed threats, by three different kinds of weapons attacking from very different angles.
* A free copy of the popular 14-page booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs To Know About Self-Defense Law.
* Attractive price at $19.95 with free shipping in continental US. Outside lower 48 states or international shipping adds $15. AZ sales tax paid by seller.
* All materials made in the USA. Available only through Circle The Wagons Training.
* Read Concealed Carry Handguns Magazine review of this kit under Target Kits at Circle The Wagons Training.com

Payment options here are Personal Check, Money Order, Check or PayPal. Note: This One Stop Shot program has been used by men and women using a wide variety of Smith & Wesson, Glock, Beretta, Colt, Ruger, Sig Sauer and many other brand firearm models. Circle The Wagons Training is a concierge firearm instruction group located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a roster of instructors from the military, law enforcement, firearm training and handgun experts.

If you have questions please contact [email protected] or visit the website CircleTheWagonsTraining.com. Thank you.


State AZ, Zip 85250, Posted on Monday, Aug 17 2015, 06:28 PM CST

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