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New 28 Million Volt Pitbull Stun Gun Led Flashlight (FSBO)


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The Pitbull is a combination flashlight and stun gun that provides excellent Non-Lethal protection in a handy package. It only weighs 5.9 ounces and is a compact size. One handy feature is that it uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery which is claimed to hold its charge for one year. This is an LED flashlight with four different modes- 160 lumen high beam, 80 lumen low beam, 210 lumen flashing mode and stun gun mode. The prongs for the stun gun feature are built into the rim of the flashlight and are smooth to the touch. This flashlight comes with a recharging cord, lanyard and free holster with belt loop. The LED light is bright enough so you will able to see adequately in any situation. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Brand New in original box, and comes with operating instructions. This is an awesome flashlight, very bright and the stun gun will put a 300 lb man on the ground in less than three seconds.  

State OR, Zip 97370, Posted on Tuesday, Mar 03 2015, 06:25 PM CST

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