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Surefire Tactical Light (FSBO)


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I am selling a very nice Surefire Tactical light. High end Millennium Model. Only been mounted to one gun, for about 2 mos . I have no firearm that fits it anymore and, don't plan on it anytime soon. It works well, if you have battery's of your own I'll knock off $10. Apologize I have a cpl packs of them in storage I can't reach til next week or the week after. I'm injured ex Law Enforcement present, but my brother in law will show to those interested. Does not hv remote cable. However, very inexpensive to purchase on Surefires website. Which you will also see this light sells for over $300 new.
Text Terry @ 303-356-4864  

State CO, Zip 80222, Posted on Wednesday, Jan 28 2015, 01:08 PM CST

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